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Admin-console release 14.0

about 5 years ago
16 changes

You can expect lots of user experience improvements for the Admin Console Release 14! Included in these changes are redesigned interfaces, enhanced functionalities, and more

  • 11 added
  • 5 improved

LoginRadius API Core Release V17.0

about 5 years ago
6 changes

There is no shortage of new features for this new API release! With a focus on account security, here are the latest API additions:

  • 5 added
  • 1 improved

Admin-console release 13.0

about 5 years ago
9 changes

It’s time for a Admin Console update! Version 13 of our Admin Console has a bit of everything, from managing your users, to security enhancements, to email workflows

  • 6 added
  • 3 improved